Seasonal Allergies

Life can be pretty annoying when you are affected by seasonal allergies.  Trust me, I know from experience.  If you aren’t blowing your nose you’re squinting your eyes because of the sinus pressure it can cause.  There are a number of different treatments for these special annoyances, be it over the the counter or prescription.  If you found yourself on this page however, you might be wondering if air duct cleaning can help.  The answer is really yes and no.

There are so many different types of allergies that get falsely categorized as “seasonal allergies”.  In many cases the main culprit is pet allergies including pet hair and dander.  In more severe cases you can find yourself calling seasonal allergies what really is a mold contamination situation.  That is not a good situation to be in at all.  If your allergies are not misdiagnosed than, yes, air duct cleaning might be able to help alleviate your symptoms while inside your home.  That goes for the pet hair and dander as well.

Over time the air ducts in your home build up debris including the aforementioned pet stuff but more acute is the pollen from season to season.  Each time your forced air heat system turns on the loose debris is distributed through your home which then enters your respiratory system.  I bet you can guess what that causes, seasonal allergy symptoms!  If that is the case for you and the air ducts in your home haven’t been cleaned in the last three years, duct cleaning Chicago style might not be a bad idea.  The air duct cleaning process we follow uses the power of compressed air (180 psi of pressure) and unique agitation fittings to scrub the interior walls of your ductwork and push the debris down to powerful HEPA vacuum located down at the location of your furnace.  When the job is done the right way, which the only way Better Air Chicago knows how to do it, the entire air duct system is fully removed of all harmful debris which pollutes your indoor air.

We have had many customers claim to have given up on seasonal allergy medication like Zyrtec after our quality air duct cleaning.  Likewise, we have had customers say they didn’t see too much of an impact.  In those cases it typically is not just a seasonal allergy that is causing the respiratory problem.  It’s hard to say what it is but in many cases it is caused by some sort of a bacteria or fungus living in your air ducts.  If that is the case there is an additional service that might be worth considering.  It is called Anti-microbial Sanitation.  It is a safe process that washes the interior walls of your air duct system with a powerful disinfectant by the name of Sporicidin.  Both air duct cleaning and anti-microbial sanitation are a cost effective way of controlling the indoor woes of seasonal allergies.  It’s certainly worth a shot.

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