New Homes For Sale Elgin, Oswego and Huntley Illinois

Finding New Homes for Sale has been more difficult than I thought.  We never thought we would be looking in Elgin, Oswego, Wauconda or Huntley, IL but we are.

We have been looking for a house to buy for the last 6 months and we haven’t found anything we like that we can afford in Naperville or Wheaton or Glen Ellyn. We have been looking at used homes because these areas of the Chicago Suburbshave all the land already built up.

It turns out that the only places you can find open land in the Chicago area to build a new home on, is the fringe of the suburbs. Some places with new developments that are really affordable we have found are from Town and Country Homes  (sign up for the open house at the link and get a $50 gift card for your time) in  Elgin, Huntley, Oswego and Wauconda.

The plusses of buying a house in Elgin or Oswego are that these are all new homes and you get choices about how you want your home built, what kind of lot you want and what details and finishes you have in your new home. They have luxury finishes and all the open floorplans, custom kitchens and square footage you might want with a growing family.

I have been looking at used homes for 6 monthsand I can honestly say that there is no choice and no good homes left on the market after the bubble burst sell-off.  Everything we have seen either is on a corner lot (no privacy in the back yard), has wood paneling (glued to wallboard, very hard to remove) or has no basement or is missing some other crucial qualifier for us.

We would like to build our own home and have to start looking out further west than Naperville and Wheaton. The things we would like in a new home would be a large kitchen/family room combo a large dining room for holidays and family events and a nice size master bedroom with good closet space.

We’re also a fan of white woodwork and white kitchens of which you can’t find inNaperville because it was mostly built up in the 1980′s when all oak all the time was popular.

The only negative to living in Elgin or Oswego is that not everyone works out there. Many of us work downtown or in other near-city suburbs and these towns are a long drive from work every day. Sometimes you can catch a Metra train like from Elgin but Oswego people have to go to Aurora to catch one.

We are pretty much ready to consider the long commute to save $150,000 on the price of a home and have a smaller mortgage to worry about. Plus we would get to choose more options on our home ourselves. It sounds like an extra 15-20 minute commute can get you a lot larger home that you are happy with for a very long time.

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