Agility Ladder Exercises – It Is Time To Step Up

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Ladder agility exercises have nothing to do with climbing ladders! Remember playing hop scotch when you were a kid. Well agility ladder exercises is kind of like that.

These days some call it multi-directional training but whatever you call it ladder exercises are outstanding for building speed, agility, coordination, balance, strength and stamina. So, very much worthwhile including in you training regime.

Athletes and sportsmen and women have been doing variations of agility ladder exercises for years.

The good thing is that you don’t need fancy equipment to do this. Amazingly, you can spend silly money buying a ladder, no doubt with a designer logo. If that floats your boat, knock yourself out (excuse the mixed metaphors.)

Or you can get some chalk or tape and just mark your ladder out on a flat piece of ground. There should a minimum seven ‘rungs’ in you ladder (more if you have the space) each step being around 40cm square. And that’s it. That said, if you can’t be bothered marking out your ladder each time or would prefer to have something more portable, them make your own out of some good rope. There is a benefit of having a rope ladder in that it helps prevent you from ‘stepping on the line’ and with that give greater concentration and focus on your foot movements.

Agility Ladder Exercise Drills can be as varied, interesting and fun as you want to make them. The important thing to ensure is that the drills you choose gives you a full range of linear movement. As long as you start slow and build up speed slowly as you become better and more coordinated.

You can even you ladder exercises for upper body workouts but more of that later. There are no hard and fast rules as to when you should incorporate ladder exercises into you workout routine. What I tend to do however in my classes is to put them in at the end of a session. There are a number of reasons for this but in the main I find when people are getting fatigued, it’s good to throw in something different and something they have to think about.

Just a little on upper body exercises using agility ladder exercises. This is a cross between a plank and a press up, giving the benefits of both while also improving hand and foot speed and coordination. The key thing to remember is to keep your back straight. Don’t raise or lower your hips or this will create strain on your lower back in particular.
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